Innovation by color

Our technology allows to convert infrared solar light into electricity. The selective scattering filter, scatters the whole visible spectrum while transmitting infrared light. Any solar technology based on crystalline silicon can now be used to manufacture white — and colored — modules.

The method consists of a plurality of layers, to highly reflect visible light while transmitting infrared. The scattering of the visible light, necessary to give a white appearance to a mirror-like surface is achieved by growing the filter on a micro-structured surface. The result is a white homogenous surface. Other color approaches are achieved by adapting the combination of the filters.

This technique in use allows to pass the important part of IR rays to the solar cell by filtering the visible part for reflection. All solar cells have a response in the IR part of the spectra. A significant amount of the current (Isc) comes from IR (700-1200nm). Although any PV technology based on crystalline silicon can be used to manufacture white solar modules, heterojunction crystalline silicon solar cells have proven to be the best choice.

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