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1. What is the main activity of Solaxess?

Solaxess manufactures and markets white and coloured films for the aesthetic integration of photovoltaic modules. Thanks to its technology, the panels can finally be adapted to the demands of the construction sector but also the automotive and nautical industries. The facades become coloured and produce energy, while being aesthetically pleasing.

2. Who are Solaxess customers?

The construction sector is our main market. We supply our products to photovoltaic module manufacturers all over the world. Thanks to the integration of our product into the solar panel, it becomes an active construction element and is suitable for the demands of architects, developers and all owners. To date, we have identified about fifteen European and Asian module manufacturers, allowing us to ensure an irreproachable quality in the integration of our technology to deliver “top of the range” products. These manufacturers are thus committed to following our lamination guidelines to supply the construction market with aesthetic and perfectly integrated photovoltaic panels.

3. How does our product look like?

Our range of products is presented in the form of rolls. A roll has a width of 1200 mm and a length of 167 linear metres. The thickness of our films is between 140 microns and 800 microns, so our rolls are generally between 12 and 35 centimetres in diameter. Custom roll dimensions are also possible: please contact us if your project requires special arrangements.

4. What are the advantages of our solution?

a) As buildings are becoming taller and taller, the potential for exploiting the facades to generate energy becomes much higher than a simple roof-top installation. The areas available are therefore very large. In addition, the roofs of buildings are usually occupied by other technical infrastructure (ventilation blocks, sanitary extractions, etc.) ;

b) Our BIPV technology adds value to the building while respecting design considerations. The photovoltaic module is fully integrated and becomes part of the “skin of the building”;

c) In hot climates with high air-conditioning requirements, the installation of white photovoltaic modules not only produces electricity like black panels, but also reduces the temperature of the building façade by several degrees. This, of course, reduces the ambient temperature of the building. Thanks to this reduction in heat, less cooling is required – and therefore less energy is needed to keep the interior at a comfortable level.

5. What colours are currently available?

White, grey and terracotta are currently available. Other colours will be available in the course of 2020.

6. Where does our product come from ?

Our product is manufactured in Switzerland, Germany and China.

7. What are the powers of the white panels?

A traditional black photovoltaic panel produces about 180 watts per square meter in standard condition. After insertion of our film, and depending on the colours chosen, this production varies from 95 to 150 watts per square meter. For the lightest colours, including some levels of white, the power will be 95 to 120 watts per square meter. This extraordinary performance makes it possible to produce hundreds of thousands of facades, which respect the usual colours, such as light grey, beige, or white (e.g. RAL 9000), without anyone noticing that this facade is a photovoltaic facade.

8. What are the sizes of the modules?

While a standard photovoltaic module is 1000 mm by about 1600 mm, the world of BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) must be able to adapt to the needs of the façade: all sizes typical of the construction sector can be considered. Some module manufacturers are even equipped to make panels of different shapes, such as triangular, square, rectangular or other shapes.

9. Which modules are compatible with Solaxess (film) products?

All photovoltaic technologies for energy production are compatible with our system. To date, monocrystalline silicon technology is the most suitable.

10. What is the price range per square metre?

The price per square meter of our solution is 25 EUR and manufacturers producing panels integrating our technology provide complete solutions from about 130 to 250 EUR per square meter (excluding installation and wiring). We can help you to get a quotation with one of our partners.

11. Who should I contact to place an order?

If your façade project has already been established with the help of an architect or façade designer, we can without further ado put you in contact with a manufacturer who will produce the panels according to your detailed description. However, if you have not yet called upon the services of an architect, a design office or a façade designer, it may be necessary to ask for help in order to establish a precise layout of your façade.

12. Who to contact for the installation of the panels?

Solaxess concentrates its activity on the manufacture and marketing of coloured technical films. The installation of photovoltaic modules must be carried out by installers in compliance with the standards in force in the country in question. Depending on the geographical area, we can put you in contact with some recognised professionals.