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Building CPLN, Neuchâtel, Suisse


Seeing the façade of Skyscrapers as one of the application, the total energy production of the building by its own, can be raised significantly, compared to roof-top only applications. Whereas usually the roofs on skyscrapers are already occupied by other technical infrastructures.


BIPV technologies are bringing new added values to the building while respecting design consideration. Especially when BIPV products are fully integrated. Our technology is supporting manufacturers of PV products (crystalline PV Module manufacturer) in the adaptation of their product to become 100% part of the building.

Heat reduction

In region where ambient temperature and inside cooling is an issue, the white PV modules are not only bringing the advantage of power generation but also on reducing the building’s temperature by means of 20-30°K less! Thanks to the heat reduction, less cooling – less energy is required to keep the buildings inside climate on a high comfort level.